Calculations in Chemistry

Calculations in Chemistry


Calculations in Chemistry is intended to help students overcome the challenges associated with solving numerical problems in chemistry. Chemistry is a numerical science which cannot be fully appreciated without adequate numerical skills. The lack of problem-solving skills has been recognised as one of the major reasons for the poor performance recorded in the subject over the years. Budgetary and size constraints often translate to lack of space for solving enough sample problems in core textbooks and most problems are presented in a difficult manner that douses enthusiasm for learning.

This book, containing numerous solved problems drawn from all aspects of chemistry, will complement core texts. Meant specifically for students studying chemistry at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, this book presents calculations in chemistry in a simple, logical manner that will provide students with the required numerical skills for excelling in chemistry.

Key features:

Wide topical coverage.
Clear, concise introductions that explain basic principles and the theoretical basis for each type of calculation.
Numerous representative examples.
Practice problems and answers to test what has been explained.
End-of-chapter summary that gives a checklist of key terms and concepts.
Numerous exercises, including objective questions, with answers.
Exhaustive coverage of the mole concept.
Use of SI units and IUPAC conventions.
Assumes little or no prior knowledge of chemistry and mathematics.
Comprehensive treatment of quantitative analysis.

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John Olusina Obimakinde, Samuel Oluwaseun Obimakinde
Paperback | 722 pages
180 x 240 x 242mm | 1,132g
Publication date
30 Jun 2014
I K International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd
Publication City/Country
New Delhi, India