Power of Radical Forgiveness : An Experience of Deep Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Power of Radical Forgiveness : An Experience of Deep Emotional and Spiritual Healing


We all like the idea of forgiveness--doing it is the hard part. If you're holding an old grudge, feeling guilt or shame from past events, or simply unhappy with the way your life is working out, then you're ready to discover a tested set of tools for real change. On The Power of Radical Forgiveness, Colin Tipping invites you to learn a completely new way to achieve forgiveness--one that will re-frame your perception of the world and your place in it, even as it unburdens you from the past, fills you with peace, and liberates your energy for the unfolding of your highest purpose.

Take Back Your Power with the Tools of Radical Forgiveness

What if there were a way to forgive--that anyone could learn--that would heal emotional wounds and empower both you and the person who hurt you? In this six-CD audio curriculum, Colin Tipping teaches you his revolutionary process for transforming suffering and reconciling differences both personal and professional. More than five hours of instruction based on his acclaimed international workshops gives you a remarkable collection of tested methods for applying Radical Forgiveness in any situation. Join him to discover: the 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness, an emergency process for forgiving in a heated situation, how to balance your "Humenergy" (your unconscious emotional blockages), the 7-Steps Process for difficulties in the workplace, and how to use the principles of Radical Forgiveness for physical healing.

More Than a Practice--a Spiritual Path

"Radical Forgiveness isn't just a practice; it is nothing less than a spiritual path that calls for all your compassion, humility, and kindness," explains Colin Tipping. With The Power of Radical Forgiveness, he gives you direct guidance in "making room for the miracle" of this life-changing journey.

Course objectives:

Recognize that many emotions and actions we associate with forgiveness are actually unrelated to forgiveness.Identify the five stages of, and thirteen steps to, Radical Forgiveness.Demonstrate both points of view on the ego's role in Radical Forgiveness.Summarize the steps of the seven-step process.

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Colin Tipping
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01 Mar 2009
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Louisville, CO, United States
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