The Musician's Guide to Audio

The Musician's Guide to Audio


Everything in the studio starts and ends with audio - both analog and digital - yet many musicians know a lot more about the principles of music than the principles behind audio. The Musician's Guide to Audio will include: - Audio theory - sound waves in the real world - Bit resolution - Sample rates - Distortion - The different types of decibels - The meaning of audio specifications - Frequency response - The different types of distortion - Signal-to-noise ratio - Dynamic range - How the human ear hears sound, and more The book then segues into specifications regarding levels, connection standards (both analog and digital), and resolving potential incompatibilities among different pieces of gear. Additional topics include information on the practical ramifications of audio, such as the basics of room acoustics, why speaker placement matters, audio distribution methods including data-compressed formats like MP3, the unique constraints of vinyl, and more. Filled with illustrations and featuring selected "tech talk" sidebars to give details on specific topics for those who want to know "why" as well as "how " The Musician's Guide to Audio fills a unique need by avoiding overly-technical details, and instead emphasizing the practical implications involved in working with audio in the studio.

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Craig Anderton
Paperback | 112 pages
190 x 235 x 7mm | 277g
Publication date
30 Mar 2019
Hal Leonard Corporation
Publication City/Country
Milwaukee, United States
Illustrations note
black and white and colour images throughout
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