Yield : Goblin's Kiss Series Book Two

Yield : Goblin's Kiss Series Book Two


Happily ever after...after you give up everything you are. Now that Emma and Ames have their happily ever after in the rebuilt goblin realm, things are going well. Joshlin, the prior goblin king, is safely locked away in his luxurious hidden cage in the mountains. The realm is in a happy state. And Emma's abilities are growing stronger and more controlled every day. Ames is at odds with how to proceed with the conflicting letters both of their mother's left behind. Protecting her, he avoids the one who waits for her. But Caydon, the goblin leader running her court in Emma's absence, won't wait forever. Traditions and treaties make the rules in this world. With all this happiness and hidden secrets around them, neither one of them see the growing threat that leads right to Emma. And has been there longer than either of them knew. When the hidden one picks the divine moment to spin the web of deceit in the midst a desperate plea for saving each other, Ames and Emma are whirled into fast decisions and impossible demands. Destiny controls everything...even life and death. Then something else comes to light. It wasn't just a curse leading the fate of so many before them, it was who was orchestrating it. The real truth is right there in front of them. With every turn, there is a force trying to keep them apart. With all these determined agenda-ridden hunters, Ames is on constant alert for her safety. Something he's determined is a job in itself, but worth fighting for.

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Cyndi Goodgame
Paperback | 444 pages
152 x 229 x 25mm | 649g
Publication date
11 Jul 2013
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform