How to Enjoy Life at Age 50 : Be Happy and Enjoy Life

How to Enjoy Life at Age 50 : Be Happy and Enjoy Life


The author writes about the different ways in which to enjoy your life at age 50. Life is to be enjoyed and not dreaded like some people do at this age. Life is beautiful at age 50, there are lots of trials and tribulations one has gone through in order to get this far. At age 50 an individual should be happy and not sad just to know that he or she have lived this long. The age 50 should be enjoyed because it is considered as your golden years and not meant to be that of doom and gloom the way in which some people age 50 make it seemed. Life changes at age 50 for most of us both physical and sometims mentally. Some people age quicker than others, while some people began to forget things faster at this age and their nerves get worser, some get where they can't hardly stand to hear music playing anymore. This is sad but true. That is why some people say you are just as young as you feel. The writer expains ways in which people this age can enrich their lives and make 50 the best years of their lives. This is an interesting book to read for someone who is approaching the ripe age of 50.

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Shirley Ann Long
Paperback | 54 pages
152 x 229 x 3mm | 86g
Publication date
03 Dec 2012
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform