Leap Day

Leap Day


Changing one's life begins with a leap.
Imagine if you were given the opportunity to "leap" back in time to change your life. Lyle Proctor is given that opportunity, twice. He goes to sleep on February 28, 2008, not expecting to wake up the following day. He doesn't. He wakes up on Leap Day, 2004. He's not sure how it happened or how long he'll be there, so he writes a letter to his past self. His hope is that his past self will make the changes necessary to improve his life. He goes to sleep that night, and wakes up on Leap Day, 2008. He spends the day remembering the new memories that his past self made vs. the original memories. He realizes that things aren't better than they had been. He goes to sleep that night, and wakes up on Leap Day, 2000. He writes himself another letter, but it is unnecessary, as he actually relives the next eight years of his life. Find out how much better, or worse, his life is once Leap Day, 2008, comes around again.

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Jr. Larry W Payton
Paperback | 472 pages
152 x 229 x 27mm | 685g
Publication date
30 Jan 2008
Outskirts Press
Publication City/Country
Parker CO, United States
Illustrations note
Illustrations, black and white

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