Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents

Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents


Go to the right school. Become a doctor or a lawyer. Marry a nice Asian. These are some of the hopes of our Asian parents. Knowing that our parents have sacrificed for us, we want to honor their wishes. But we also want to serve Jesus, and sometimes that can seem to conflict with family expectations. Discovering our Asian identity in the midst of Western culture means learning to bridge these and other conflicting values. We need wise counsel on our parents' ways of loving usvocations that show respect for our parents and allow us to serve Godthe "model minority" myth and performance pressuresmarriage, singleness, and being male and femaleracial reconciliationspirituality and church experiencesunique gifts Asians bring to Western cultureThis book, written by a team of Asian American student ministry workers who have been there, can serve as our guide on a difficult journey. The authors represent a variety of perspectives, including the immigrant experience of a Korean man, a third-generation Japanese-American's understanding of his parents' experience in the internment camps during World War II, and a Chinese American woman's struggle to communicate with her parents. Their accounts of humorous, frusrating and heartbreaking personal experiences (as well as stories from other Asian American students and adults) offer support and encouragement. And their ideas for living out the Christian faith between two cultures show us the way to wholeness.

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Jeanette Yep, Peter Cha, Susan Cho Van Riesen, Greg Jao, Paul Tokunaga
Paperback | 178 pages
139 x 210 x 16mm | 218g
Publication date
01 Jul 1998
InterVarsity Press
IVP Books
Publication City/Country
United Kingdom
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