The Settlement of Disputes in International Law : Institutions and Procedures

The Settlement of Disputes in International Law : Institutions and Procedures


The fully revised and updated new edition of this authoritative work provides a clear and detailed analysis of the institutions and procedures for the settlement of international disputes. There has been a continued expansion of the number of international tribunals and the number of cases before international courts in recent years. The proliferation of such fora and of the jurisprudence they generate has made it essential to understand and regulate evolving and
competing jurisdictions. This new edition authoritatively sets out the substance and procedure of the law of international dispute settlement in the context of these new developments.

The first part of the book examines the different methods and institutions of dispute settlement. It introduces the most important dispute settlement methods and discusses the role of domestic courts in settling international disputes. It assesses the institutions of general jurisdiction, notably the International Court of Justice, and the various sectoral regimes of dispute settlement. Part two provides a comprehensive examination of procedure before an international court or tribunal. It sets
out the shared elements of procedure, while also highlighting the important procedural differences between the various international courts and arbitral bodies. This section includes an discussion of the law of evidence and the conduct of counsel in international adjudication. The third part focuses
on the problems facing the system of international dispute settlement as a result of the proliferation of dispute resolution mechanisms, and the augmenting specialization and fragmentation of international law. It analyses the various ways competing jurisdictions can be regulated to avoid creating conflicting decisions, and the resultant systemic incoherence. The book remains essential reading for both students of international law and international legal practitioners.

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Antonios Tzanakopoulos, John Collier, Vaughan Lowe
Paperback | 520 pages
171 x 246mm
Publication date
19 Jan 2020
Oxford University Press
Publication City/Country
Oxford, United Kingdom
Edition Statement
2nd Revised edition
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